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titanium sputter target vs. titanium shoot target

Titanium sputtering target and titanium shooting target only differ by one letter in the middle. Does this small change make a big difference? You can have a guess here, and you will find the answer at the end of this article.

What is the titanium sputtering target?

Sputtering target refers to the raw material used in the sputtering deposition, a process whereby atoms are ejected from a solid target material due to the bombardment of the target by energetic particles. Its main function is to deposit a thin film on a subject.

Most sputtering targets can be made by casting. Specific processes are: melt the raw metal material, pour the liquid metals into a mold to form an ingot, and then forge, roll, and heat the ingot to finally get a sputtering target product.

Titanium Sputtering Target Making Processes

Titanium sputtering target has the same chemical constitution with the titanium metal–both of them are composed of the titanium element. Thus, the titanium target boasts the same properties as titanium metal, such as high strength, lightweight and excellent corrosion resistance. The titanium coating film is popular in the aerospace, automotive, chemical and marine industries.

What is the titanium shooting target?

A shooting target is more common. It is an object in various forms and shapes that are used for pistol, rifle, shotgun and other shooting sports. Most shooters out-of-habit shoot paper plates, cardboard, or paper targets, but shooting a titanium target is a fun choice to consider.

titanium shooting plate

Titanium is a strong metal with low density and is quite ductile, so it is very suitable to be a shooting target. There are various reasons why people like the titanium shooting target. Most people like it because it has a lightweight and can be quickly set up, and they can get more practice time in a given session since there is no need to replace or repair the targets.

Also, there are other reasons:

  • Instant confirmation of target hit or miss
  • Audio “ring” sound and visual feedback
  • Titanium targets last a very long time – thousands of hits; for pistol use, probably a lifetime; bullets bounce off or vaporize upon impact with heat-treated, hardened steel
  • No paper target holes to patch/cover
  • No frequent trips downrange to change targets
  • Not affected by rain, wind, or weather conditions
  • Fast target changes – quick spray with inexpensive spray paint
  • Easy to assemble & easy to transport/portable

In conclusion, titanium sputtering target and titanium shooting target are similar because of their same chemical composition. But they are also quite different because they are used for totally different purposes: one for film coating and one for gun shooting.

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