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(949) 407-8904 Mon - Fri 09:00 - 18:00 23661 Birtcher Dr., Lake Forest, California, USA

BN1662 Boron Nitride Crucible (BN Crucible)

Catalog No. BN1662
Size Various
Material Pure composite boron nitride
Purity 99%
Shape Crucible



Description of Boron Nitride Crucible

Boron Nitride, also known as BN, Hexagonal boron nitride (H-BN) and hot-pressed boron nitride, is a good self-lubricate ceramic that can withstand high temperature and maintain its lubricating capability in a high vacuum environment. SAM’s boron nitride crucibles are made from hot-pressed boron nitride blank. Hexagonal boron nitride (H-BN) behaves similarly with graphite mechanically, but offers excellent electrical resistance.

Specification of Boron Nitride

Compound Formula BN
Molecular Weight 24.82
Appearance Black solid in various forms
Melting Point 2973 °C
Density 2.1 g/cm3 (h-BN); 3.45 g/cm3 (c-BN)
Solubility in H2O Insoluble
Refractive Index 1.8 (h-BN); 2.1 (c-BN)
Electrical Resistivity 13 to 15 10x Ω-m
Capacity 25ml, 55ml, 75ml, 100ml, 1000ml, and customized

Available Shapes of Boron Nitride Crucible

crucible shapes-SAM

Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) Corporation offers customized service of BN crucible shapes and dimensions for our customers. Please send us an inquiry for more information.

Available Materials of Boron Nitride Crucible

Material Description Availability
BN99 Hot pressed at high temperature (1900C).

Excellent corrosion resistance and thermal conductivity. Limited wear resistance

Self-bonded and high purity (>99%)

Machinable Blanks

Finished Parts

BNBO General purpose material

Bonded by boric oxide

Finished Parts
BNCB Calcium borate bonded boron nitride

Enhanced moisture resitance

Finished Parts
BN60 BN 60%, SiO2 40% Finished Parts
BN40 BN 40%, SiO2 60% Finished Parts
ZSBN BN-45%, Zr2O3 45% Finished Parts

Typical Applications of Boron Nitride Crucible

Boron nitride ceramics from Stanford Advanced Materials can withstand high temperatures in the high vacuum environment, plus it has excellent corrosion resistance and electrical resistance. Thus, Boron Nitride ceramic product is an ideal choice in a wide range of industries, such as:
– Crucibles for crystal growth
– Break rings for horizontal casting machine
– Insulators for high-temperature furnace
– Electric insulators in vacuum system
– Feed through for high voltage equipment

crucibles for crystal growth horizontal_casting_machine feed through standoff insulator


Our BN crucibles are clearly tagged and labeled externally to ensure efficient identification and quality control. Great care is taken to avoid any damage which might be caused during storage or transportation.

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Please send us an inquiry for current pricing on boron nitride crucibles or other evaporation containers not listed.

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Boron Nitride Crucible (BN Crucible)
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by Sandy Stimpson on Boron Nitride Crucible (BN Crucible)

Love them! Excellent quality. Stanford Advanced Material has never let me down. Thank U.