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High purity sputtering target, includes aluminum target, titanium target, tantalum target, tungsten titanium target, and so on. The sputtering target is mainly related to the four fields of plate display, semiconductor, storage and solar cell.

1, aluminum target
High purity aluminum and its alloys are one of the most widely used conductive film materials. In its application field, the manufacture of VLSI chips requires the highest purity of the sputtering target metal, which usually requires up to 99.9995%, and the metal purity of the plate display and solar cells is slightly lower.

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2, titanium target
Titanium is one of the most commonly used barrier film materials in the very large scale integrated circuit chip (the corresponding conductive layer material is aluminum). In the process of pre-chip manufacturing, titanium targets are to be used with titanium rings. The main function is to assist the titanium target to complete the sputtering process, which is mainly used in the field of ultra large scale integrated circuit chip manufacturing.

3, tantalum ring
With the explosive growth of demand for consumer electronics such as smartphone tablet, the demand for high-end chips has increased greatly, making tantalum metal become hot mineral resources, but tantalum resources are scarce, making high pure tantalum target expensive, mainly used in the fields of large-scale integrated circuits and so on.

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4, tungsten titanium target
Tungsten titanium alloys have low electron mobility, stable thermal mechanical properties, good corrosion resistance and good chemical stability. In recent years, the sputtering targets of tungsten and titanium alloys have been used as contact layer materials for semiconductor chip gate circuits. In addition, tungsten and titanium targets can also be used as barrier layers in the metal connection of semiconductor device. Used in the high-temperature environment, mainly used in VLSI and solar cells.

Ultra high pure metals and sputtering targets are important components of electronic materials. The industrial chain of the sputtering target is mainly composed of metal purification, target manufacturing, sputtering coating and terminal application, among which target manufacturing and sputtering are the key links in the entire sputtering target industry chain.

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