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(949) 407-8904 Mon - Fri 08:00 - 17:00 23661 Birtcher Dr., Lake Forest, California, USA


Evaporation Materials

High purity evaporation materials play a huge role in deposition processes to ensure high quality deposited film. They are one of the source materials for electron beam evaporation and thin film deposition.

Stanford Advanced Materials offers high-performance evaporation materials for use in thermal evaporation and deposition processes. Our capabilities include custom sizes along with a variety of forms and purities. Available forms include shot, pellets, granules, starter sources, crucible liners, rod, wire, and random pieces.

With more than 15 years of experience in this field, SAM is dedicating ourselves to improving the quality of our products and service.

We supply a variety of high quality elemental and composite evaporating materials in a full range of purities and dimensions to suit any customer needs.

We provide precious metals (Gold Au, Iridium Ir, Palladium Pd, Platinum Pt, Rhodium Rh, Ruthenium Ru and Silver Ag) as well as non-precious thin film materials.

All pellets are available in 0.250″ x 0.250″ or 0.125″ or 0.125″ and we also supply custom sizes tailored to your unique requirements.

VEM can supply by the gram, kilogram, troy ounce, pound, pellet, granules, shot, slug, spool and starter source in any of our available purities.

Let us know the material dimensions, composition, and purity, and we will deliver to your requirements. We stock frequently requested deposition materials. See our manufacturing methods for more information on how we produce evaporation products.

SAM supplies evaporation materials that can resolve your concerns for high purity, cleanliness, reproducibility and uniformity of coatings. They offer a number of advantages including:

  • Available in various materials, such as metal, alloy, ceramic, and etc.
  • Ultra-high purity grade up to 99.999% pure.
  • Improved yields
  • Consistent batch-to-batch material properties
  • Wide variety of forms: Chunk, Foil, Wire, Rod, Shot, Slug, Pellet, Tablet

evaporation materials sizes and shapes-2

SAM also provides various and evaporation sources and evaporation pellets for both thermal and e-beam evaporation, including metal and ceramic boats, filaments, crucibles and heaters, and e-beam crucible liners.

a. Thermal Evaporation Sources: Filaments, Basket Heaters, Boats and Boxes

b. E-Beam Source Used Crucibles

Crucibles are used to keep the e-beam hearth free of evaporates to act as the evaporation container for the basket or foil thermal sources. Crucible is important modern laboratory equipment and plays a crucial role in the production of various materials such as glass, metal, etc. Crucibles made from different materials can withstand different temperatures and resistance to corrosion as customer’s request.

c. Evaporation Pellets