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Electronics industry develops fast and requires high purity and large quality materials. Our products are used for the production of electrical resistors based on thin-film technology (PVD), production of capacitors & micro-resistors. Stanford Advanced Materials supplies materials and technology for a range of electronic applications.

Thin-film technology (PVD)

Passive thin film components (such as resistors and capacitors), Printed circuit boards, Sensors (for temperature, radiation and chemical composition), Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) devices


CCDs (charge-coupled display devices), CRTs (cathode ray tubes), Flat Panels, Electroluminesent, Photoluminescent, Liquid Crystal Displays (LCD), Plasma Displays, Thin Film Transistor (TFT)


Flip-chip back side metalization (for external electrical contact), Gate dielectric, Interlayer dielectric, On-chip interconnects and interlevel bias

We supply materials and technology for a range of electronic applications. High demands are placed on the purity, quality and repeatability of the products for this industry. Our strength lies with keeping tight control over specifications from batch to batch. 

SuperVac range of materials