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Architectural, Automotive Glass & WEB Coating

Stanford Advanced Materials is a worldwide supplier of sputtering targets for the glass coating industry, including coating materials for architectural glass, automotive glass, photovoltaics, mirrors and other coatings.

Production methods used are casting, powder metallurgy, spraying, and bonding.

 SAM its product portfolio includes all the key pure metals, as well as popular alloys and ceramics.
Our sputtering targets are produced in different shapes (planar and rotatable) with sizes – up to 13.2 ft / 4 meters in length.

Architectural Glass (low-e, solar control)

Low-emissivity glass, Energy-producing glass

Automotive Glass

Auto headlight & taillights, Auto trim components, Drive train bearings & components

Anti-reflective and Antistatic Coatings (ARAS)

Anti-corrosion coatings, Anti-seize coatings, Dies and moulds, Printer heads, Sewing needles (for the clothing industry), Tool and drill bit hardening

WEB Coating

Currency, credit-card, and check-security, markings/holograms, Night vision/infrared equipment, One-way security windows