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Year in Review- 2018 Top Posts

Happy new year, my dear friends. We are very happy with your company and encouragement. SAM Sputter Target’s website has not been established for a long time, but we always insist on updating the news and knowledge about targets and coatings every week. On the occasion of the arrival of 2019, let us summarize the Top Posts in 2018 for you.

Sputtering Target is the consistent keyword of our website, and thus we have shared much useful information about some specific type of sputtering targets and theri applications. Our intention is to help you better understand these materials—their properties, applications, developing prospect and so on. And the followings are the posts you really have to read.

What is Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD)

Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) is a thin film preparation technique that physically vaporizes the surface of a material source (solid or liquid) into gaseous atoms, molecules or partially ionized into ions under vacuum conditions. Sputtering Targets and Evaporation Pellets are both important materials for PVD.

Primary Performance Requirements of Sputtering Targets

The quality of the thin film is related closely to the quality of the sputtering materials. But do you know how to measure whether a sputtering target is good or bad? This post tells the primary performances requirements of target materials.

Applications of Sputtering Targets

In recent years, with the rapid development of coating technology, the demand for sputtering targets has increased rapidly. Do you have an idea what the sputtering target is? Do you know what their applications are?

Planar Target VS. Rotary Target: Pros and Cons

The sputtering targets commonly found on the market are mainly planar targets and rotatory targets, and each target has its advantages and disadvantages. This blog compares these two types of sputtering targets and lists their pros and cons.

Five Sputter Coating Technologies

Sputter Coating is an important physical vapor deposition method. And it can be subdivided into another five coating technologies: Unbalanced magnetron sputtering, Radio frequency (RF) sputtering, Direct current (DC) magnetron sputtering, Mid-frequency alternating current (AC) magnetron sputtering and Reactive magnetron sputtering. Click the article link to find more information.

Everything You Need to Know About Titanium Sputtering Target

Titanium is an important material in various industry. Do you know about titanium? Do you know what titanium target is? This article collects everything you need to know about titanium sputtering target. You will definitely gain a lot from it.

Everything You Need to Know About ITO Sputtering Target

The full name of ITO is indium tin oxide, a composition of indium, tin and oxygen with different proportions. The substance of ITO and ITO sputtering target is the same, the latter of which is actually a black-gray ceramic semiconductor formed by mixing indium oxide and tin oxide powder in a certain ratio.

An Overview of Aluminum Sputtering Target

Aluminum sputtering target can be considered a product after a series of processes from high-purity aluminum. It is a type of sputtering materials used mounted on a vacuum coating machine to deposit a film in the vacuum coating industry. The property of the sputtering target directly affects the performance of the obtained film.

3 Important Applications of Gold Evaporation Materials

High-purity gold has excellent physical and chemical properties, such as low contact resistance and stability, easy bonding, and easy film formation. Gold evaporation materials are the key base materials for semiconductor manufacturing. The article tells about its three most important applications in the semiconductor industry.

The Market Capacity and Development Trend of High-Purity Sputtering Target Industry

The high-purity sputtering target is rising with the development of the semiconductor industry, and the integrated circuit industry has become one of the main application fields of the high-purity sputtering target. The Developing prospect of the sputtering target is promising.

Glad you are part of SAM’s 2018. Next year, please continue following us and we promise to give you more valuable information!

happy with your company and encouragement

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