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Sputtering Targets Used in Solar Industry

CIGS solar film

It is known to us that by applying different sputtering targets, we can obtain solar transparent electrodes of different kinds and characteristics can be obtained. However, not all targets can be applied to solar cells. The following is a summary of three main sputtering targets used in the solar industry.

ITO targets

Indium tin oxide (ITO) film is representative of a transparent conductive film. At present, the research and application of ITO targets are extensive and mature, and ITO targets have been industrialized in the United States.


ITO has strong electrical conductivity. In the case where the thickness is only several thousand angstroms, the transmittance of the solar ITO film is still high. In addition to the solar industry, ITO targets are also widely used in the LCD industry, mainly for the production of ITO glass. You can read Everything About ITO Sputtering Target for more information.

CIGS target

The full name of the CIGS target is copper indium gallium selenide target. It uses copper indium gallium selenide powder as raw material to prepare CIGS powder by solid phase synthesis under vacuum. The powder is then formed by isostatic pressing, and finally, the CIGS target is obtained by high-temperature sintering.

CIGS solar film

CIGS film sputtered on solar cells has the advantages of strong light absorption, good power generation stability, and high conversion efficiency, which can make solar cells generate a long time during daytime and generate large amounts of electricity.

AZO target

The AZO target is the abbreviation for Zinc Oxide with Alumina (ZnO/Al2O3) sputtering target, which is the latest patent invention.

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AZO solar film

The application of AZO targets to solar cells has many advantages: 1) low manufacturing cost and non-toxicity; 2) easily doped with conductive materials and silver paste of solar cells; 3) stability of ZnO thin films in plasma. AZO target used in solar cells requires a less material, simple process, and has low energy consumption. Thus it has a prosperous future in the field of solar transparent electrode manufacturing.

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