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Sputtering targets are a physical vapor deposition (PVD) mechanism with many uses in modern technology and manufacturing.

In the sputtering process, the atoms are pulled from the sputter target with powerful magnets, and a controlled gas (usually argon) is introduced. Then, the processed to collide with each other in their gaseous state before condensing into a plasma that dries into a thin film on the substrate.

Many products commonly used today have a coating created through sputtering materials. These coatings include:

Glass Coating

Sputter coater targets are used to produce low-radiation coated glass (Low-E glass).

Low-E glass is commonly used in building construction because of its ability to save energy, control light, and for aesthetics.

Optical Coating

Optical coatings are largely used in the area of sunglasses, eyeglasses, vehicle headlights, mirrors, windows, optic filters for laser technology.

Solar Cell Coating

With demands for renewable energy on the rise, the third generation, thin-film solar cells are prepared using sputter coating technology.

The Cadmium telluride sputtering target (CIGS target) has a large share of the solar market.


Most modern-day electronics incorporate essential components which have been produced with tantalum sputtering targets.

These include microchips, memory chips, print heads, flat panel displays as well as others.

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