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(949) 407-8904 Mon - Fri 09:00 - 18:00 23661 Birtcher Dr., Lake Forest, California, USA

ST0019 Hafnium (Hf) Sputtering Target

Chemical Formula: Hf
Catalog Number: ST0019
CAS Number: 7440-58-6
Purity: 99.9%
Shape: Discs, Plates, Column Targets, Step Target, Custom-made

Hafnium Safety Data Sheet



Description of Hafnium Sputtering Target


Hafnium is a lustrous, silvery gray, tetravalent transition metal, hafnium chemically resembles zirconium and is found in many zirconium minerals. Its existence was predicted by Dmitri Mendeleev in 1869, though it was not identified until 1923, by Coster and Hevesy, making it the last stable element to be discovered. Hafnium is named after Hafnia, the Latin name for Copenhagen, where it was discovered.

Specification of Hafnium Sputtering Target

Material Type Hafnium
Symbol Hf
Color/Appearance Gray Steel, Metallic
Melting Point 2227 °C
Density 13.31 g/cc
Sputter DC
Type of Bond Indium, Elastomer
Available Sizes Dia.: 1.0″, 2.0″, 3.0″, 4.0″, 5.0″, 6.0″
Thick: 0.125″, 0.250″

We also offer other customized shapes and sizes of the sputtering targets, please send us an inquiry for more information.

Target Bonding of Hafnium Sputtering Target

Indium Bonding and Elastomer Bonding are recommended for Hafnium Sputtering Target. Stanford Advanced Materials is devoted to machining standard backing plates and working together with the Taiwan Bonding Company for providing bonding services. For questions about target bonding materials, methods and services, please click here.

Target Bonding Services

Application of Hafnium Sputtering Target

Hafnium sputtering targets can be sputtered elementally or reactively with a partial pressure of oxygen introduced in the working gas to produce hafnium oxide thin films. Resultant films are used in a variety of applications including optical coatings for photonics, thin film resistors, corrosion resistance, nuclear products, gate insulators in integrated circuits and for sensors.


Our hafnium sputter target is clearly tagged and labeled externally to ensure efficient identification and quality control. Great care is taken to avoid any damage which might be caused during storage or transportation.

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SAM’s hafnium sputtering targets are good magnetron sputtering materials. They are available in various forms, purities, sizes, and prices. Please send us an inquiry for current pricing on sputtering targets and other deposition materials not listed.

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Hafnium (Hf) Sputtering Target
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