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ST0010 Cobalt (Co) Sputtering Target

Chemical Formula: Co
Catalog Number: ST0010
CAS Number: 7440-48-4
Purity: >99.95%
Shape: Discs, Plates, Column Targets, Step Targets, Custom-made
Atomic Weight: 58.933195
Atomic Number: 27
Color/Appearance: Lustrous, Metallic, Grayish Tinge
Thermal Conductivity: 100 W/m.K
Melting Point (°C): 1,495
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion: 13.0 x 10-6/K
Theoretical Density (g/cc): 8.9
Ferromagnetic: Magnetic Material
Z Ratio: 0.343
Sputter: DC
Max Power Density*(Watts/Square Inch): 80
Comments: Alloys with W/Ta/Mo.



Cobalt is a chemical element originated from the German word ‘kobald’, meaning goblin. It was first mentioned in 1732 and observed by G. Brandt. “Co” is the canonical chemical symbol of cobalt. Its atomic number in the periodic table of elements is 27 with location at Period 4 and Group 9, belonging to the d-block. The relative atomic mass of cobalt is 58.933195(5) Dalton, the number in the brackets indicating the uncertainty.

One of its most popular uses is as a blue pigment found in paint, jewelry, and glass. It is often alloyed with other metals to make engine parts and cutting tools. Its two main vacuum applications are as a ferromagnetic layer in the production of magnetic storage media and as a transitional layer in battery fabrication.

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Cobalt (Co) Sputtering Target
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by Carol Anderson on Cobalt (Co) Sputtering Target

I bought these for chemistry class to do some film coating experiments with. They function properly for what we use them for.