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VD0796 Yttrium Fluoride (YF3) Evaporation Materials

Material Type: Yttrium Fluoride
Symbol: YF3
Color/Appearance: White, Solid
Melting Point (°C): 1,387
Theoretical Density (g/cc): 4.01
E-Beam Crucible Liner Material: Tantalum, Molybdenum
Purity: 99.9% ~ 99.99%

Shape: Powder/ Granule/ Custom-made

Yttrium fluoride is white in appearance with a melting point of 1,387°C and a density of 4.01 g/cc. It is commonly found in various glasses and ceramics. Some users will utilize yttrium fluoride in place of thorium fluoride (ThF4) which is radioactive.


Stanford Advanced Materials supplies various high purity materials, evaporation sources, and crucible liners for both thermal and E-beam evaporation. The evaporation materials include pure metals and alloys, oxides ceramics including rare earth oxides, such as Sc2O3, Y2O3, La2O3 and other ceramics, such as fluorides, nitrides etc. Various shapes, such as tablets, granules, rods and wires are available.

High purity evaporation materials play important role in deposition processes to ensure high quality deposited film. SAM specializes in producing up to 99.999% high purity evaporation materials using quality assurance processes to guarantee product reliability.

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Yttrium Fluoride (YF3) Evaporation Materials
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by Jill Zachary on Yttrium Fluoride (YF3) Evaporation Materials

Delivered as expected. great for the chemical experiment, no complaints!