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(949) 407-8904 Mon - Fri 08:00 - 17:00 23661 Birtcher Dr., Lake Forest, California, USA

ST0044 P-type Silicon (Si) Sputtering Target

Chemical Formula: Si
Catalog Number: ST0044
CAS Number: 7440-21-3
Purity: 99.9%, 99.95%, 99.99%, 99.995%, 99.999%
Shape: Discs, Plates, Column Targets, Step Targets, Custom-made
Atomic Weight: 28.0855
Atomic Number: 14
Color/Appearance: Dark Gray with a Bluish Tinge, Semi-Metallic
Thermal Conductivity: 150 W/m.K
Melting Point (°C): 1,410
Bulk Resistivity: 0.005-0.020 OHM-CM
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion: 2.6 x 10-6/K
Theoretical Density (g/cc): 2.32
Dopant: Boron
Z Ratio: 0.712
Sputter: DC, RF
Max Power Density*(Watts/Square Inch): 40
Type of Bond: Indium, Elastomer


Available Services

Indium Bonding

Handling Notes

1. Indium bonding is recommended for this material, due to some of its characteristics not amenable to sputtering like brittleness, low thermal conductivity, etc. 2. This material has a low thermal conductivity are susceptible to thermal shock.

Chemical Elements


Silicon is a chemical element originated from the Latin ‘silex’ or ‘silicis’, meaning flint. It was first mentioned in 1824 and observed by J. Berzelius. The isolation was later accomplished and announced by J. Berzelius. “Si” is the canonical chemical symbol of silicon. Its atomic number in the periodic table of elements is 14 with location at Period 3 and Group 14, belonging to the p-block. The relative atomic mass of silicon is 28.0855(3) Dalton, the number in the brackets indicating the uncertainty.

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P-type Silicon (Si) Sputtering Target
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by Eric Garcetti on P-type Silicon (Si) Sputtering Target

These silicon targets are really nice. They're made from very good raw materials. They are really well-made.