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VD0577 Silicon (Si) (P-type) Evaporation Materials

Material:Silicon (Si) (P-type)
Purity:99.9% ~ 99.999%
Shape:Powder/ Granule/ Custom-made
Material Type:Silicon (P-type)
Symbol: Si (P-type)
Atomic Weight:28.0855
Atomic Number:14
Color/Appearance:Dark Gray with a Bluish Tinge, Semi-Metallic
Thermal Conductivity:150 W/m.K
Melting Point (°C):1,410
Bulk Resistivity:0.005-0.020 OHM-CM
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion:2.6 x 10-6/K
Theoretical Density (g/cc):2.32
Dopant: Boron
Z Ratio:0.712
E-Beam: Fair
E-Beam Crucible Liner Material: Fabmate®‡, Tantalum
Temp. (°C) for Given Vap. Press. (Torr):10-8: 992
10-6: 1,147
10-4: 1,337

Silicon has a melting point of 1,410°C, a density of 2.32 g/cc, and a vapor pressure of 10-4 Torr at 1,337°C. It is a brittle metalloid which can chip easily. Silicon is a semiconductor which is heavily utilized in the electronics and computer industries. It is often doped with arsenic, phosphorus, or boron depending on the application.

Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) is a leading manufacturer and supplier of high purity Silicon Evaporation Materials and a wide variety of evaporation materials. We offer our evaporation materials in powder and granule form. Customized forms are also available upon request.


Silicon is a metalloid and carries the typical properties of both metals and nonmetals. It is extremely inert and insoluble in water and acids. However, it can be dissolved into silicates by hot alkaline lyes. Pure silicon forms dark gray, metallic, shiny crystals. Silicon also has excellent thermal conductivity, which – in pure silicon – is accompanied by extremely low electrical conductivity. When alloyed with aluminium, it enhances strength and reduces weight.

High purity evaporation materials play a huge role in deposition processes to ensure high quality deposited film. Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) specializes in producing up to 99.999% purity silicon evaporation materials using quality assurance processes to guarantee product reliability.

silicon p-type evaporation materials

• Used in deposition processes including semiconductor deposition, chemical vapor deposition (CVD) and physical vapor deposition (PVD)
• Used for optics including wear protection, decorative coatings, and displays.

Our evaporation materials are carefully handled to prevent damage during storage and transportation and to preserve the quality of our products in their original condition.