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ST0234 Barium Fluoride Sputtering Target, BaF2

Chemical Formula: BaF2
Catalog Number: ST0234
CAS Number: 7787-32-8
Purity: 99.9%, 99.95%, 99.99%
Shape: Discs, Plates, Column Targets, Step Targets, Custom-made

The barium fluoride sputtering target is available in various forms, purities, sizes, and prices. Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) offers high-quality barium fluoride sputter targets at the most competitive prices.

Barium Fluoride MSDS File


Barium Fluoride Sputtering Target Description

Barium fluoride sputtering target from Stanford Advanced Materials is a fluoride ceramic sputtering material with the formula BaF2.

BariumBarium is the fifth element in group 2 and is a soft, silvery alkaline earth metal. Because of its high chemical reactivity, barium is never found in nature as a free element. Its hydroxide, known in pre-modern times as baryta, does not occur as a mineral, but can be prepared by heating barium carbonate. The most common naturally occurring minerals of barium are barite (barium sulfate, BaSO4) and witherite (barium carbonate, BaCO3), both insoluble in water. The name barium originates from the alchemical derivative “baryta”, from Greek βαρύς (barys), meaning “heavy.”

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FluorineFluorine, also called fluorin, is a chemical element that originated from the Latin ‘fluere’, meaning to flow. It was first mentioned in 1810 and observed by A.-M. Ampère. The isolation was later accomplished and announced by H. Moissan. “F” is the canonical chemical symbol of fluorine. Its atomic number in the periodic table of elements is 9 with a location at Period 2 and Group 17, belonging to the p-block. The relative atomic mass of fluorine is 18.9984032(5) Dalton, the number in the brackets indicating the uncertainty.

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Barium Fluoride Sputtering Target Specification

Compound Formula BaF2
Molecular Weight 175.32
Appearance Solid
Melting Point 1,291° C
Boiling Point 2260° C
Density 4.9 g/cm3

Barium Fluoride Sputtering Target Packaging

Our barium fluoride sputtering target is clearly tagged and labeled externally to ensure efficient identification and quality control. Great care is taken to avoid any damage which might be caused during storage or transportation.

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SAM specializes in producing high purity barium fluoride sputtering target with the highest possible density and smallest possible average grain sizes for use in semiconductor, chemical vapor deposition (CVD), and physical vapor deposition (PVD) display and optical applications. Please send us an inquiry for the current prices of the sputtering targets and other deposition materials that are not listed.