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Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) Corporation is a global supplier of various sputtering targets such as metals, alloys, oxides, ceramic materials. We update every week about news and knowledge of sputtering targets and evaporation materials. Here are the blogs we published previously.


Four main molding methods for ITO (Indium Tin Oxide) targets

As is known, the ITO sputtering target is a black-gray ceramic semiconductor formed by a series of production processes after indium oxide and tin oxide powder are mixed in a certain proportion, and then sintered in a high temperature atmosphere (1600 degrees, oxygen sintering). The ITO film was subjected to magnetron sputtering to oxidize the ITO...
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Sputtering voltage

Influencing Factors of the Sputtering Deposition Rate of Magnetron Targets

Sputter deposition rate is a parameter that characterizes the film formation rate. In addition to the influencing factors such as the type and pressure of the working gas, target type and area size of the “sputter etched area”, and target surface temperature and target surface magnetic field strength, the deposition rate is also directly affected...
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PVD camera

What are the uses of PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) coating?

PVD(Physical Vapor Deposition) coating, a physical terminology which is seemingly difficult to understand, actually is connected closely to our daily lives. Your beautiful jewelry, expensive camera and sharp knives may all use PVD coating. If you want to know more about PVD coating, just continue to read.   What is PVD coating? PVD Coating, or...
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Common Targets And Corresponding Color

Common targets and corresponding color 1. Golden Color Series Ti series: Ti       TiN Ti+Au    TiN+Au Ti+Zr    TiZrN Other: Zr          ZrN Zr+Au    ZrN+Au Hf        HfN 2.Black Color Series Ti series: Ti        TiCN Ti (C, O) TiAl    TiAlN Ti50Al50    black Ti30Al70    dark TiAl (C, O, N) Other: Si ...
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Titanium Target

Applications of High-purity Titanium Target Materials

As is known to all, purity is one of the main performance indexes of target materials, and the purity requirements of target materials are different in practical application. Compared with the general industrial pure titanium, high-purity is expensive and has a narrow application range, which is mainly used to meet the needs of some special...
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Thin Film Solar Cell

Merits and Demerits of Different Thin Film Solar Cell Target Materials

It is well known that different types and characteristics of transparent solar electrodes can be obtained by using different inorganic non-metallic oxides. However, due to the particularity of the solar cell, not all target materials are suitable. The following is a summary of the advantages and disadvantages of different thin film solar cell target materials....
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Molybdenum Sputtering Targets

What are the uses of Molybdenum Sputtering Targets?

Molybdenum is a metal element mainly used in steel, most of which is directly used for steelmaking or cast iron after industrial molybdenum oxide pressing, while a small amount of molybdenum is smelted into molybdenum-iron or molybdenum foil before being used for steelmaking. It can enhance the strength, hardness, weldability, and toughness of the alloy,...
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The Market Capacity and Development Trend of High-Purity Sputtering Target Industry

At present, high-purity sputtering target products are mainly used in the semiconductor industry and flat panel display industry. The market capacity and development trend of these fields are as follows. Semiconductor industry The high-purity sputtering target is rising with the development of the semiconductor industry, and integrated circuit industry has become one of the main...
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