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An easy-to-understand answer to “what is sputtering target”

Well, the question “what is the sputtering target” may seem stupid for insiders. But undoubtedly it is the most basic question in the relevant industry. Search this question in Google, you may find 3,770,000 results, which is quite a HUGE number! Just compare it with 4,510,000 results of searching “sputtering target”. (data may differ) So...
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ITO film

Development trend of ITO targets

In recent years, with the development of large size flat panel displays, the requirements for the size and density of ITO targets have become higher and higher, and the hot pressing equipment and technology are far from meeting the requirements. Therefore, the production of large-size, high-density ITO targets by sintering has become the focus of...
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ITO Film

Do you really know what ITO film is? Click to check!

When it comes to ITO, many people first think of the International Trade Organization. If you think this article is about the International Trade Organization, then I am sorry to tell that maybe you can stop reading now, because ITO in this passage refers to indium tin oxide. Do you think these three words are...
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Cylindrical planar sputtering targets

What is cylindrical planar sputtering target?

Common target shapes are rectangular planar targets and rotatory targets. From the name we can imagine what they look like, as shown below. The targets of these two shapes have their own advantages and disadvantages. For details, please refer to our previous news Advantages and Disadvantages of Planar target and Rotatory targets. Today, the focus...
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Tool coating

What are the applications of sputtering targets?

In recent years, with the rapid development of coating technology, the demand for sputtering targets has increased rapidly. Then some people who are unfamiliar with sputtering targets may doubt: What are the applications of sputtering targets? The following is a detailed summary by SAM Sputter Targets.   Decorative coating Decorative coating mainly refers to the...
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thin film solar cell

Preparation of CIGS absorber layer

1. Preparation of Cu/In film by magnetron sputtering In order to accurately control the element ratio of Cu/In, CuIn film is prepared by co-sputtering method. That is, the Cu/In alloy target and the In elemental target are simultaneously sputtered in the same sputtering chamber. The distribution of Cu/In content has a great influence on the...
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Titanium Target

Applications of High-purity Titanium Target Materials

As is known to all, purity is one of the main performance indexes of target materials, and the purity requirements of target materials are different in practical application. Compared with the general industrial pure titanium, high-purity is expensive and has a narrow application range, which is mainly used to meet the needs of some special...
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Thin Film Solar Cell

Merits and Demerits of Different Thin Film Solar Cell Target Materials

It is well known that different types and characteristics of transparent solar electrodes can be obtained by using different inorganic non-metallic oxides. However, due to the particularity of the solar cell, not all target materials are suitable. The following is a summary of the advantages and disadvantages of different thin film solar cell target materials....
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