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Vacuum Coating Industry News-0615

Vacuum Coating Manufacturing and Tech News 06.15.19

1. Global Complex Oxide Sputtering Target Market Analysis Report 2019-2024 The “Complex Oxide Sputtering Target Market” report offers a thorough examination of the diverse patterns and factors affecting the development direction of the worldwide market. An evaluation of the effect of government guidelines and approaches available tasks is likewise included to give an all-encompassing outline...
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Vacuum Coating Industry News-0515

Vacuum Coating Manufacturing and Tech News 05.15.19

1. Global Vacuum Coating Machines Market | Growth, Trends, And Forecast (2019-2024) Global Vacuum Coating Machines Market Research Report encompasses all analytical as well as statistical information regarding market summary, development, demand, and forecast analysis. The report mainly highlights the significant trends of the Vacuum Coating Machines market in terms of leading companies, business processes,...
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Advantages and Disadvantages of Ion Beam Sputtering

Ion Beam Sputtering Definition Ion beam sputtering (IBS), or ion beam deposition (IBD), is a thin film deposition technology that uses an ion source to deposit a sputtering target onto a substrate to produce the highest quality films with excellent precision. Compared to other PVD technologies, ion beam sputtering is more accurate and can accurately control...
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scandium-rare-earth-element- and-application

Scandium: Rare Earth Element and Application

If there is a metal that is ignored by us, I think that is scandium. Scandium is found in most rare earth elements and uranium deposits, but it can only be extracted from a few mines around the world. Due to the low availability and difficulty in preparation, which was succeeded in 1937, of scandium,...
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An Overview of Sputtering Deposition

Definition What is Sputtering Deposition? Sputtering deposition, or sputter coating, is one of the physical vapor deposition technology, whereby particles are ejected from a solid target material due to bombardment of the target by energetic particles. It is an electronic process that deposits thin films of metals or other materials onto a variety of surfaces. Most often,...
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Silver Film Deposition on Glass Surface

Case Study: Silver Evaporation Material Deposition on Glass Surface

The case A well-known industrial glass company—-We attempted to deposit a silver film about one micron thick on the glass substrate using silver evaporation materials by vacuum evaporation. And our existing coating facilities are limited that we can only use electron beam evaporation. We tried Ag / Ti glass in the beginning, but the silver...
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