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planar vs. rotatory target

Advantages and disadvantages of planar and rotatory targets

The sputtering targets commonly found on the market are mainly planar targets and rotatory targets, and each target has its advantages and disadvantages. As for planar target, its main advantages include simple structure, strong versatility, and good uniformity and repeatability of the film layer. It biggest disadvantage is that the utilization rate of the target...
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Tool coating

What are the applications of sputtering targets?

In recent years, with the rapid development of coating technology, the demand for sputtering targets has increased rapidly. Then some people who are unfamiliar with sputtering targets may doubt: What are the applications of sputtering targets? The following is a detailed summary by SAM Sputter Targets.   Decorative coating Decorative coating mainly refers to the...
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sputter target

A useful guide book of the use of sputtering targets

Preparation It is very important to keep the vacuum chamber clean. Some residues formed during use will collect moisture and other pollutants, directly affecting the success rate of vacuum coating. Short-circuit or target arcing, film-forming surface roughness, and chemical impurities are often exceeded due to unclean sputtering chambers, sputter guns, and targets. In order to...
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aluminum thin films 2

Preparation and application of aluminum thin films

Common metal materials (such as low carbon steel, metal uranium, etc.) are very reactive and prone to corrosion and performance degradation. Therefore, people have been working on the research and preparation of anti-corrosion films for steel materials. Applying a relatively thin protective film on the surface of the metal material, such as aluminum, zinc, magnesium...
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magnetron sputtering

Main factors affecting the voltage of magnetron sputtering

Target magnetic field The cathode operating voltage of magnetron sputtering decreases as the target surface magnetic field increases, and also decreases as the sputtering etch groove of the target surface deepens. The sputtering current increases as the sputter etch bath of the target surface deepens because the sputter etched surface of the target gets closer...
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An overview of Ceramics

Introduction Ceramic is the general term for pottery and porcelain. The components of the ceramic material are mainly silicon oxide, aluminum oxide, potassium oxide, sodium oxide, calcium oxide, magnesium oxide, iron oxide, titanium oxide and etc. Common ceramic raw materials are clay, quartz, potassium sodium feldspar and etc. They generally have higher hardness but poor...
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