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ST0989 Silicon Silver Sputtering Target, Si-Ag

Chemical Formula Si-Ag
Catalog No. ST0989
CAS Number
Purity 99.9%, 99.95%, 99.99%, 99.995%, 99.999%
Shape Discs, Plates, Column Targets, Step Targets, Custom-made

Drawing from our extensive materials science expertise, Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) offers Silicon Silver Sputtering Targets of exceptional purity. We pride ourselves on providing competitive pricing and tailored solutions that fulfill the most exacting requirements in nanotechnology and thin-film deposition.


Silicon Silver Sputtering Target Description

Silicon Silver Sputtering Target has many unique properties that make it an important component in the preparation of advanced materials. Its high purity means that the sputtering process results in a high-purity thin film material with fewer impurities and defects. The Silicon Silver Sputtering Target has good electrical conductivity and thermal stability. This allows for efficient current transfer during the sputtering process, improving sputtering efficiency while maintaining stable sputtering conditions. Additionally, the target has good physical and chemical stability and can maintain a stable structure and composition in high-energy sputtering environments. These properties make Silicon Silver Sputtering Targets ideal for high-precision applications such as thin film deposition and nanofabrication.

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Silicon Silver Sputtering Target Specifications

Compound Formula Si-Ag
Appearance Silver Metallic Target
Melting Point 837℃
Available Sizes Dia.: 1.0″, 2.0″, 3.0″, 4.0″, 5.0″, 6.0″

Thick: 0.125″, 0.250″

Silicon Silver Sputtering Target Handling Notes

  1. Indium bonding is recommended for the Silicon Silver Sputtering Target, due to some of its characteristics not amenable to sputtering like brittleness, low thermal conductivity, etc.
  2. This material has a low thermal conductivity and is susceptible to thermal shock.

Silicon Silver Sputtering Target Application

  1. Sensor Manufacturing: Silicon Silver Sputtering Targets can be used to manufacture a variety of sensors, such as gas sensors and humidity sensors. Sensors with high sensitivity and high stability can be prepared by sputtering silicon and silver films.
  2. Microelectronic packaging: In the field of microelectronic packaging, Silicon Silver Sputtering Targets can be used to prepare the conductive film, to achieve the connection between the chip and the external circuit, and to improve the reliability and performance of electronic equipment.
  3. Surface modification: By sputtering silicon and silver films, the material’s surface can be modified to change the material’s surface properties, such as improving corrosion resistance and enhancing wear resistance.
  4. Biomedical applications: Silicon Silver Sputtering Targets can also be used in biomedical fields, such as the preparation of biosensors, drug carriers and so on.

Silicon Silver Sputtering Target Packaging

Our Silicon Silver Sputtering Target is carefully handled during storage and transportation to preserve the quality of our products in their original condition.

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SAM’s Silicon Silver Sputtering Target is available in various forms, purities, and sizes. We specialize in producing high-purity physical vapour deposition (PVD) materials with the highest possible density and smallest possible average grain sizes for use in semiconductor, chemical vapour deposition (CVD), and physical vapour deposition (PVD) display and optical applications.