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ST0882 Gallium Oxide Sputtering Targets, Ga2O3

Chemical Formula Ga2O3
Catalog No. ST0882
CAS Number 12024-21-4
Purity 99.9%, 99.95%, 99.99%, 99.995%, 99.999%
Shape Discs, Plates, Column Targets, Step Targets, Custom-made

The Gallium Oxide Sputtering Targets is available in various forms, purities, sizes, and prices. Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) offers high-quality Gallium Oxide Sputtering Targets at the most competitive prices.


Gallium Oxide Sputtering Targets Description

Gallium Oxide Sputtering Target is a high-purity, solid material used in the sputtering process for thin film deposition. There are five different polymorphs of Ga2O3: monoclinic (β-Ga2O3), rhombohedral (α), defective spinel (γ), cubic (δ), or orthorhombic (ε) structures. Among them, β-polymorph is the stable form under normal conditions and has been the most widely studied and utilized.

Gallium is a chemical element originated from France (with the Latin name Gallia). It was first mentioned in 1875 and observed by P. E. L. de Boisbaudran. The isolation was later accomplished and announced by P. E. L. de Boisbaudran. “Ga” is the canonical chemical symbol of gallium. Its atomic number in the periodic table of elements is 31 with location at Period 4 and Group 13, belonging to the p-block. The relative atomic mass of gallium is 69.723(1) Dalton, the number in the brackets indicating the uncertainty.

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Gallium Oxide Sputtering Targets Specifications

Compound Formula Ga2O3
Molecular Weight 187.44
Appearance White Target
Melting Point 1900℃
Density 5.88 g/cm3
Available Sizes Dia.: 1.0″, 2.0″, 3.0″, 4.0″, 5.0″, 6.0″

Thick: 0.125″, 0.250″

Gallium Oxide Sputtering Targets Handling Notes

  1. Indium bonding is recommended for Gallium Oxide Sputtering Target, due to some of its characteristics not amenable to sputtering like brittleness, low thermal conductivity, etc.
  2. This material has a low thermal conductivity, and is susceptible to thermal shock.

Gallium Oxide Sputtering Targets Application

Gallium Oxide Sputtering Target is used for the deposition of gallium oxide thin films in various applications such as optoelectronics, power electronics, solar cells, sensors, and catalysis. The high purity of the sputtering target ensures the deposition of high-quality films with desired properties.

Gallium Oxide Sputtering Targets Packaging

Our Gallium Oxide Sputtering Targets are carefully handled during storage and transportation to preserve the quality of our products in their original condition.

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SAM’s Gallium Oxide Sputtering Targets are available in various forms, purities, and sizes. We specialize in producing high purity physical vapor deposition (PVD) materials with the highest possible density and smallest possible average grain sizes for use in semiconductor, chemical vapor deposition (CVD) and physical vapor deposition (PVD) display and optical applications. Get an inquiry right now.

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Gallium Oxide Sputtering Targets, Ga2O3
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