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CY2304 Bismuth Silicate Crystal Substrates

Catalog No. CY2304
Size 20x20x0.5mm, 10x10x0.5mm, 5x5x0.5mm
Material Bi12SiO20
Color Light yellow
Growth Method Czochralski method

Our optical grade undoped Czochralski grown monocrystals Bismuth Silicate Crystal Substrates with high optical homogeneity excluding the central core of crystal boules, without visible striae with shadowgraph, inclusions, and bubbles.


Bismuth Silicate Crystal Substrates Description 

Bi12SiO20 bismuth silicate crystal substrate, abbreviation BSO substrate, is an excellent material with highly efficient photoconductors with low dark conductivity that allows a build-up of large photo-induced space-charges.

BSO crystal is a good photorefractive crystal with a wide range of applications. It is a light yellow photoelectric/electro-optical crystal and a photorefractive crystal. It can be used in electro-optic readout optical memory (PROM), thin-film optical waveguide, photorefractive and phase conjugation.

Bismuth Silicate Crystal Substrates Specifications 

Crystal structure :


Lattice constant :


Growth method :

Czochralski method

Melting point :


Density :


Mohs hardness :

4.5 Mohs

Dielectric constant :

εS11/ε0 42.7、εT11/ε0 47.5

Elastic stiffness coefficient
( x1011N/m2) :

CE11 1.33、CE44 0.25

The piezoelectric strain constants
(C/m2 ) :

e14 1.01

Through the range (nm) :


Electro-optic coefficient (x10 -12 M/V)

r41 5

Refractive index :

2.45 @ 632.8nm

Refractive index gradient (x10 -5 /cm) :

< 5 @ 632.8nm

Opticity (mm -1  ) :

  left 20° ~ @632.8nm

 Transmittance (%):

69 @632.8nm

Crystal orientation :

<100>, <110>, <001>  ±0.5°

Standard Size:

45x45x0.5mm, 10x10x0.5mm, 25x25x0.5mm


Single side polished or Both side polished

Bismuth Silicate Crystal Substrates Applications

Bismuth Silicate Crystal Substrates have been used in the following applications:

– Spatial light modulators
– Optical switches
– Pockels readout optical memory (PROM) applications
– Optical waveguides

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Bismuth Silicate Crystal Substrates
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