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CY2353 Potassium Bromide Crystal Substrates

Catalog No. CY2353
Size 10x10x2.0mm / 20x20x2.0mm
Material KBr
Color White to transparent
Growth Method Crystallization process

Our optical grade undoped Czochralski grew Potassium Bromide Crystal Substrates with high optical homogeneity excluding central core of crystal boules, without visible striae with shadowgraph, inclusions and bubbles.


Potassium Bromide Crystal Substrates Description

Potassium Bromide (KBr) crystal is water-soluble, and it is easily deliquescent. It cannot be chemically polished. It’s commonly used for transmission windows, FTIR spectrophotometers and beam splitters for spectrophotometers. The potassium bromide crystal substrates and windows are soft and Hygroscopic.

Potassium Bromide Crystal Substrates Specifications

Crystal structure M3
Growth method crystallization process
Crystal lattice parameters a=5.596 Å
Density 2.75 g/cm3
Index of refraction 1.49025
Surface roughness < 5 nm
orientation (111), (110), (100)
size 10x10x2.0mm / 20x20x2.0mm or other sizes
Surface polish Single side or double side polished

Potassium Bromide Crystal Substrates Applications

Potassium bromide crystal substrates have high transmittance and a wide passband, and are widely used as splitting prism, transmission windows, and lens in an infrared spectrometer, spectrophotometer and Infrared devices.

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Potassium Bromide Crystal Substrates
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by Christine Collins on Potassium Bromide Crystal Substrates

What a great purchase! This pack should last me a long time! Recommended!