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CY2424 Potassium Tantalate Niobate Crystal, KTN Crystal

Catalog No. CY2425
Size Custom size with 2-sided or 4 sided mirror polish
Material Potassium Tantalate Niobate, KTN
Crystal Structure Cubic, Perovskite
Growth Method Top seed flux growth

Potassium tantalate niobate crystal of extremely high quality is supplied in Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM). We customize the size and shape of KTN crystals based on the design of the customer’s device.


Potassium Tantalate Niobate Crystal Description

Potassium tantalate niobate crystals are always produced by NTT-AT even though the fabrication process has been considered difficult. KTN crystals are the optical crystal with the maximum erectro-opotic (EO) effects among existing materials.

It has been known since the 1950s that potassium tantalate niobate crystal has a very large electro-optic effect; that is, its refractive index is changed greatly by a comparatively low applied voltage. To be used as an optical device, the KTN must be a single crystal so that the incident light does not scatter.

The giant electro-optic effect of potassium tantalate niobate (KTN) crystal has been exploited.

Potassium Tantalate Niobate Crystal Specifications


(KTa 1-X NbXO3)  x=~0.35

Crystal growth method

Top seed flux growth

Crystal Structure

Cubic, Perovskite, a = 3.990A

Melting point

~1350 oC

Curie Temperature

20- 30 oC


7.015 g / cc

Thermal conductivity

0.17 w/m.k at 300k

Linear Eelectric – Optical Coeff

r33 : > 600 pm/V

Refractive index


Coercive Field

Ec = 250 V/mm

Transmission Range

400 nm – 4000 nm

Potassium Tantalate Niobate Crystal Application

Potassium tantalate niobate crystal is used in the following applications:

– KTN Deflector

– 200kHz OCT wavelength swept light

– Veri-focal lens

– Optical modulator

– Various experiments application (chip, device)

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Potassium Tantalate Niobate Crystal
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