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CY2407 Barium Titanate Crystal Substrates

Catalog No. CY2407
Size 10 x10 x1mm; 5x5x1mm
Chemical Formula BaTiO3
CAS Number 12047-27-7
Thickness 0.5mm; 1mm
Crystal Structure Tetragonal

Barium titanate crystal substrates of the highest quality are supplied in Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM). Al2O3 substrate enables the most efficient production at your location. We offer quick turnaround and customized solutions for our customers.


Barium Titanate Crystal Substrates Description

Barium titanate crystal substrates have excellent photorefractive properties, high self-pumped phase conjugate reflectance and two-wave mixing (optical amplification) efficiency, and have huge potential application prospects in optical information storage. They are also important substrate material.

Barium Titanate Crystal Substrates Specifications

Crystal structure




Melting Point

1600 °C

Molecule mass (g/mol)


Dielectric constants:

ea = 3700, ec = 135 (unclamped)

ea = 2400, ec = 60 (clamped)

Index of Refraction

515nm 633nm 800nm
No 2.4912 2.4160 2.3681
Ne 2.4247 2.3630 2.3235

Reflectivity of SPPC ( at 0 deg. cut )

50-70% (max. 77%) for l = 515 nm

50-80% (max: 86.8%) for l = 633 nm

Thermal Expansion

9.4 x 10-6 /℃

Crystal orientation


Standard Size

 5x5mm, 10x10mm, Or customized.

Standard Thickness

0.5mm, 1.0mm,


Single side polished or Double side polished

Barium Titanate Crystal Substrates Applications

Barium titanate crystal substrates are used in the following applications:

–        Optical information storage

–        Uncooled sensors for thermal cameras

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Barium Titanate Crystal Substrates
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by Jorge Calvillo on Barium Titanate Crystal Substrates

I purchased this to use for my thesis experiment. Product is perfect for my purpose. Inexpensive, works great, product delivered was as listed.