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CY2459 Yttrium Iron Garnet Crystal Substrate, YIG

Catalog No. CY2459
Size 5 mm dia. x 0.5 mm
Material YIG
Orientation <111>
Growth FZ growth

Supplying a variety of sizes of yttrium iron garnet crystal substrate. Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) has a professional sales team to offer a fast response within 24 hours and warm service.


Yttrium Iron Garnet Crystal Substrate Description

The YIG Yttrium Iron Garnet crystal substrate is a crucial isolator material used in Mid-IR applications. SAM is proud to offer high-purity YIG Boules to our customers. Upon request, we can provide yttrium iron garnet substrates with a diameter of up to 5mm and a length of up to 80mm. With our top-notch quality control procedures, we guarantee that our YIG boules will be reliable and capable of delivering superior performance in isolator applications.

Yttrium Iron Garnet Crystal Substrate Specifications

YIG single-crystal substrate



Crystal Structure:


Transmittance (*Bulk / Uncoated)

 >75% at 2-4 µm;  >70% at 4.5 µm

Lattice Constant:

1.24 nm

Melting Point:



 5.17 g/cm^3


One-side or double-side polished

Surface roughness



100 clean bags, single or multi-chip wafer box

Yttrium Iron Garnet Crystal Substrate Applications 

Yttrium Iron Garnet (YIG) crystal substrates are a crucial component of bubble memory devices used in computers. The formation of bubble memory is accomplished when magnetic domains in a YIG crystal film are positioned under an external static magnetic field. This process creates a region of zero magnetic fields, which creates a stable magnetic bubble. The use of YIG crystal substrates in bubble memory devices helps to create reliable and efficient memory storage solutions for advanced computing applications.

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Yttrium Iron Garnet Crystal Substrate
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 2 reviews
by C. Williams on Yttrium Iron Garnet Crystal Substrate

I have been thoroughly impressed with the Yttrium Iron Garnet (YIG) Crystal Substrate offered by Stanford Advanced Materials. The substrate's exceptional quality and reliability have exceeded my expectations, making it an ideal choice for my project needs.

by Drew Halter on Yttrium Iron Garnet Crystal Substrate

These substrates I bought are of high quality and I love them. They are much better than the ones I bought from another big wholesale company! I will definitely purchase again.