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(949) 407-8904 Mon - Fri 08:00 - 17:00 23661 Birtcher Dr., Lake Forest, California, USA

TS1921 Titanium-based Alloy Powder

Catalog No. TS1921
Material Titanium alloy, pure alloy
Appearance Dark Gray Powder

Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) supplies high-quality Pure Titanium Powder and Titanium-based Alloy Powder with competitive prices.


Titanium-based Alloy Powder Description

Titanium can easily form alloys with other metals to play different roles. Titanium-based alloy powder can be used in many applications through chemical and powder metallurgy and thermal spray processes. Thermal spray coatings of Ti-based alloy powder are typically used in medical applications that require biocompatibility. In addition, these coatings can also be used as coatings for medical implants.

Titanium-based Alloy Powder Specifications

Item Product name Particle size Manufacture Apparent density
TS-Ti-101 Ti Gr1 -106 +45 µm HDH – wrought

≤35 s/ 50g

TS-Ti-102 -106 +45 µm Atomized
TS-Ti-201 Ti Gr2 -106 +45 µm HDH – wrought
TS-Ti-202 -106 +45 µm Atomized
TS-Ti-301 Ti Gr3 -25 +5 µm Atomized
TS-Ti-401 Ti Gr4 -350 +200 μm HDH – wrought
TS-Ti-402 -250 +90 μm HDH – wrought
TS-Ti-403 -180 +75 μm HDH – wrought
TS-Ti-404 -90 +22 μm HDH – wrought
TS-Ti-405 -45 +11 μm HDH – wrought
TS-Ti-406 -180 +75 μm HDH – sponge
TS-Ti-407 -125 +90 μm HDH – sponge
TS-Ti-408 -25 +5 μm Atomized
TS-Ti-501 TC4 Ti6Al4V Gr5 -250 +150 µm HDH – wrought
TS-Ti-502 -180 +75 µm HDH – wrought
TS-Ti-503 -106 +45 µm HDH – wrought
TS-Ti-504 -106 +45 µm Atomized
TS-Ti-505 -45 +20 µm Atomized
TS-Ti-506 -25 +5 µm Atomized
TS-Ti-601 TC4 Ti6Al4V Gr 23 -106 +45 µm HDH – wrought
TS-Ti-602 -106 +45 µm Atomized
TS-Ti-603 -45 +20 µm Atomized

Titanium-based Alloy Powder Applications

With excellent overall performance, resistance corrosion, oxidation, heat resistance, and low-stress abrasion and adhesive wear resistance, Titanium-based alloy powder can be applied to various process including:
-Oxyacetylene spraying or overlaying
-HVOF/HAFA spraying
-Plasma transferred arc (PTA) overlaying
-Plasma spraying
-Laser overlaying
-Induction melting overlaying
-Centrifugal casting
-3D printing and powder metallurgical processing

Titanium-based Alloy Powder Packing

Titanium-based alloy powder is packaged in vacuum aluminum foil bags or filled with inert gas (Ar).
-500 g/bag
-20 kg/Metal can
-100 kg and more / Steel drum, or customized
All packaging materials are suitable for air, sea and road freight.

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Titanium-based Alloy Powder
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