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TA1322 Spherical Tantalum Powder, Ta

Catalog No. TA1322
Size 80nm,10um or Custom Made
Purity 99.9%
Density 16.4 g/cm3
Shape Spherical Powder

Spherical Tantalum Powder for sale
Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) can offer spherical tantalum powder which could be used in 3D printing.


Spherical Tantalum Powder Description

Spherical tantalum powder has a high boiling point, excellent resistance to corrosion, low coefficient of thermal expansion, and high coefficient of capacitance, which has been used in electronic industries. SAM’s spherical tantalum powder is a good choice for 3D printing tech as it has high purity, uniform particle size, complete surface structure, easy dispersion, large specific surface area, and high surface activity.

Spherical Tantalum Powder Features

  • Corrosion Resistant: Ideal for harsh environments.
  • Biocompatible: Used in medical implants.
  • Conductive: Good electrical properties.
  • Thermal Stable: Can withstand high temperatures.

Spherical Tantalum Powder Specifications

Item Particle Size Purity
Specific area
Bulk density
Form Color
ME73S -80nm 50nm 99.9 4.5 0.5 16.4 Spherical Black
ME73S -10um 10um 99.9 1.3 1.4 16.4 Spherical Black

Spherical Tantalum Powder Applications

Spherical Tantalum Powder finds applications in various industries due to its unique properties:

  1. Aerospace: Used in aerospace components for its high density and resistance to extreme conditions.
  2. Medical: Applied in medical implants, such as bone replacements and stents, due to its biocompatibility.
  3. Electronics: Utilized in electronic components and capacitors for its electrical conductivity.
  4. Chemical Processing: Valued for its corrosion resistance in chemical and high-temperature environments.
  5. Additive Manufacturing: Used in 3D printing for creating complex, high-performance parts.
  6. Powder Metallurgy: Employed to manufacture high-strength, corrosion-resistant components.
  7. Energy Sector: Used in applications requiring durable materials in extreme environments.
  8. Research and Development: Utilized in laboratories for specialized experiments and tests.
  9. Defense Industry: Spherical tantalum powder can be used in military and defense applications due to its durability and resistance to harsh conditions.
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Spherical Tantalum Powder
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