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FE1835 Spherical Iron Based Powder (18Ni300)

Catalog No. FE1835
Material 18Ni300
Shape Spherical powder
particle size 0-25,15-53,45-105,75-150μm

Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) provides spherical iron-based powder suitable for 3D Printing applications. As the additive manufacturing industry advances, so will our additive manufacturing powder product offerings. With high Tensile strength and yield strength, our 18Ni300 powder is a good select in molding.


Spherical Iron-Based Powder Description

The application of 3D printing technology in molds, especially in the mold-shaped cooling system, is one of the most mature applications in the metal 3D printing business. The mold steel powder can print the front and rear cores, inserts and sliders of the injection mold. These products have the advantages of reducing the molding cycle, improving product quality, and more uniform temperature field of the mold.

Spherical Iron-Based Powder Specifications 

Particle size 0-25,15-53,45-105,75-105μm
Form spherical
Flowability ≤18s
Apparent density ≥4.2g/cc
Oxygen content ≤300ppm
Nitrogen content ≤300ppm
Composition (%) Ni:17-19; Mo:4.5-5.2; Co:8.5-9.5; Ti:0.6-0.8; Al:0.05-0.15; Cr≤0.5; Si≤0.1; C≤0.03; Fe: Bal
Tensile strength(Mpa) 2050±50
Yield strength(Mpa) 1900±50
Ductility (%) 6±2

Spherical Iron-Based Powder Application 

Spherical iron-based powder is used as Bearings, Belleville springs, bolts, cannon recoil springs, rocket motor and missiles cases, couplings, load cells, flexures for guidance mechanisms of missiles and helicopter drive shafts.

Spherical Iron-Based Powder Packing 

2.5kg, 5kg, 25kg or as required;

Plastic bottle/can, iron can

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Spherical Iron Based Powder
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by Andy Crouch on Spherical Iron Based Powder

Came exactly as described. Good quality for such a cheap price.