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CT1832 Spherical Cobalt-Based Powder (CoCrW)

Catalog No. CT1832
Material CoCrW
Shape Spherical powder
particle size 0-25,15-53,45-105,75-150μm

Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) provides spherical cobalt-based powder (CoCrW) suitable for 3D Printing applications. As the additive manufacturing industry advances, so will our additive manufacturing powder product offerings.


Spherical Cobalt-based Powder (CoCrW) Description

The spherical cobalt-based powder is a metal material with high-temperature resistance, high strength, high corrosion resistance, and good elasticity. It is widely used in fine parts and can also be used to produce bone implants and artificial teeth, etc.

Spherical Cobalt-based Powder (CoCrW) Specifications 

Particle size 0-25,15-53,45-105,75-105μm
Form spherical
Flowability ≤18s
Apparent density ≥4.2g/cc
Oxygen content ≤200ppm
Nitrogen content ≤100ppm
Composition(%) Cr:26.5-29; Fe≤0.6; W:7.0-9.0; Mn≤0.4; Si:1.2-1.9; Co:Bal
Tensile strength(Mpa) 330±50
Yield strength(Mpa) 220±30
Ductility (%) 5±1

Spherical Cobalt-based Powder (CoCrW) Applications

Except for the application in 3D printing, our spherical cobalt-based powder can also be used in:
-Magneto fluid
-High efficiency catalyst
-High-performance electrode material
-Efficient combustion agent

Spherical Cobalt-based Powder (CoCrW) Packing

2.5kg, 5kg, 25kg or as required;

Plastic bottle/can, iron can

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Spherical Cobalt-Based Powder (CoCrW)
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