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SC2275 Silicon Thermal Oxide Wafer

Catalog No. SC2275
Material SiO2/Si
Diameter Ø 2″ / Ø 3″ / Ø 4″ / Ø 6″ / Ø 8″ / Ø 12″
Refractive Index 1.456

Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) provides Silicon Thermal Oxide Wafer in diameter from 2″ to 12″. We always choose prime grade and a defect-free silicon wafer as the substrate for growing high uniformity thermal oxide layer to meet your specific requirements.


Silicon Thermal Oxide Wafer Description

The Silicon Thermal Oxide Wafer is the growth of an oxide layer (SiO2) on Silicon wafer, also name SiO2/Si wafer.  Thermal oxide is a kind of “grown” oxide layer, compared to CVD deposited oxide layer, it has a higher uniformity, and higher dielectric strength, it is an excellent dielectric layer as an insulator. In most silicon-based devices, the thermal oxide layer plays an important role to pacify the silicon surface to act as doping barriers and as surface dielectrics.

Silicon Thermal Oxide Wafer Specifications

Oxidation technique

Wet oxidation or Dry oxidation


Ø 2″ / Ø 3″ / Ø 4″ / Ø 6″ / Ø 8″ / Ø 12″

Oxide thickness

100 A ~ 6 um


+/- 5%


Single side or double sides oxide layer


Horizontal tube furnace


Hydrogen and Oxygen gases


900 °C – 1200 °C

Refractive index


Silicon Thermal Oxide Wafer Application

The Silicon Thermal Oxide Wafer is not only as a masking layer for ion implantation or thermal diffusion, and also a passivation layer that protects the surface of the device from the surrounding environment. It’s not just an electrically isolated insulation between the device and another device. It is also a major component of MOS processes and electrical isolation in multilayer metallization systems.

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Silicon Thermal Oxide Wafer
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by Chris Perez on Silicon Thermal Oxide Wafer

I ordered these for the science experiments. They are of a great range of sizes and arrived unbroken! Each one is packed in its own box and then all are in a larger box.