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CY2489 Lead Sulfide Crystal Substrate, PbS

Catalog No. CY2489
Size 5x5x0.5 mm
Material PbS
Orientation (100)
Polishing Two sides polished with scratch/dig: 60/40

Lead Sulfide Crystal Substrate can be used to measure radiation. Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) offers a variety size of PbS Single-crystal Substrate. We have a professional sales team to offer a fast response within 24 hours and warm service.


Lead Sulfide Crystal Substrate Description

As an infrared detector, Lead Sulfide Crystal Substrate functions as a photon detector, responding directly to the photons of radiation, as opposed to thermal detectors, which respond to a change in detector element temperature caused by the radiation.

Lead Sulfide Crystal Substrate Specifications

PbS Single-crystal Substrate

Crystal Structure

Halite (cubic), cF8

Molar Mass

239.30 g/mol

Melting Point

1118 °C, 1391 K, 2044 °F

Boilling Point

1281 °C, 1554 K, 2338 °F


  7.60 g/cm3

Lattice Constant

a = 5.936 Angstroms


 7.60 g/cm3

Thermal Conductivity (at 25 deg C)

0.03 W/cmK

Direct Bandgap

0.37 eV

Lead Sulfide Crystal Substrate Applications 

Lead Sulfide Crystal Substrate can be used to measure radiation in either of two ways: by measuring the tiny photocurrent the photons cause when they hit the PbS material, or by measuring the change in the material’s electrical resistance that the photons cause. Measuring the resistance change is the more commonly used method.

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Lead Sulfide Crystal Substrate
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