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NY1833 Glass-filled Nylon 3200 for 3D Printing

Catalog No. NY1833
Color White
Shape Spherical powder
particle size ≤100μm

Stanford Advanced Materials  (SAM) provides glass-filled nylon 300 powder to meet your needs of 3D printing with high rigidity and great elongation at break. We have specialized in 3D printing material for over two decades.


Glass-filled Nylon 3200 Description

The appearance of glass-filled nylon is a white powder. Compared with ordinary plastics, the tensile strength and bending strength are enhanced, the heat distortion temperature and the modulus of the material are improved, the shrinkage of the material is reduced, but the surface of the material is roughened and the impact strength is lowered.

Glass-filled Nylon 3200 Specifications

Molding precision

±0.1mm or ±0.1%×L(L>100mm)

Molding method


Heat deflection temperature


Surface roughness


Minimum wall thickness

>0.6 mm

Glass-filled Nylon 3200 Applications 

Glass-filled Nylon 3200 has high specific strength, excellent rigidity, and excellent heat resistance, and is suitable for lightweight applications, and is particularly suitable for applications such as automobiles, motorcycles, and aerospace.

Glass-filled Nylon 3200 Packing

2.5kg, 5kg, 25kg or as required;

Plastic bottle/can, iron can

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Glass-filled Nylon 3200
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by Jimmy Oakley on Glass-filled Nylon 3200

I need these regularly in the lab. I found they worked very well.