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DP1902 Spherical 2219 Aluminum Alloy Powder

Catalog No. DP1902
Material Al, Si, Fe, Cu, Mn, Mg, Zn, etc.
Shape Spherical powder
Particle Size 0-20 μm, 15-45 μm, 15-53 μm, 53-105 μm, 53-150 μm, 105-250 μm
Oxygen content ≤300 ppm

Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) provides spherical 2219 aluminum alloy powder suitable for 3D Printing applications. As the additive manufacturing industry advances, so will our additive manufacturing powder product offerings.


Spherical 2219 Aluminum Alloy Powder Description

2219 Aluminum is a hardened alloy with excellent strength and mechanical properties. This copper-containing aluminum alloy has extremely high toughness and excellent resistance to stress corrosion during processing. It is these properties that make it a high-quality metal for the manufacture of supersonic aircraft components and high-temperature structural applications.

The powder can be used in a variety of metal 3D printers including Renishaw, EOS, ConceptLaser, SLM, 3Dsystems, Arcam and more.

Spherical 2219 Aluminum Alloy Powder Specifications

Particle size

0-20μm, 15-45μm, 15-53μm, 53-105μm, 53-150μm, 105-250μm

Degree of sphericity

Spherical or nearly spherical, microscopic particle sphericity Ψ0≥0.85


Visually silvery gray, no obvious oxidized particles

Application in 3D printing

SLM selection laser melting, EBM electron beam melting, LMD laser metal deposition, etc.

Other applications

Powder metallurgy (PM), injection molding (MIM), hot isostatic pressing (HIP), spray coating (SP), welding repair, etc.

Spherical 2219 Aluminum Alloy Powder Applications

– 3Dprinting material

– Spacecraft launch vehicle low temperature oxidant and fuel

– Spacecraft and supersonic aircraft skeleton

Spherical 2219 Aluminum Alloy Powder Packing

Spherical 2219 aluminum alloy powders are typically packaged in vacuum aluminum foil bags or filled with inert gas (Ar).

-500 g/bag

-20 kg/Metal can

-100 kg and more / Steel drum, or customized

All packaging materials are suitable for air, sea and road freight.

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Spherical 2219 Aluminum Alloy Powder
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Those powders meet my size requirements and work great.