Our ISO 9001:2008 certified Materials Division stocks a vast assortment of pure sputtering materials for use in sputter deposition processes. We offer pure elements, compounds, alloys, ceramics, intermetallics, and mixtures in a variety of shapes, sizes, and purities for R&D applications.

Target Bonding Service

1. A material can transfer heat through its thickness faster when the material is thinner.

2. A ceramic material can cool more efficiently when bonded. The target is in intimate contact with the conductive solder layer which draws the heat from the target surface and into the copper backing plate.

Specifications Table

Maximum Operating Temperature (°C):150°C
Thermal Conductivity (W/mK):83
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (K-1):32.1 x 10-6
Electrical Resistivity (ohm-cm):8 x 10-6
Bond Coverage:>95%
Bond Line Thickness:0.010" ± 0.003"

Precious Metals Reclaim Service

The Deposition Materials Division offers a complete precious metal reclaim program, designed to reduce replacement target costs. Spent sputtering targets and similar precious metal scrap can be reclaimed and the resulting credit will be applied towards a customer's account per the terms outlined below.

Pure Precious Metals Reclaim
(Example: Pure spent sputtering targets and pure slugs, pellets, etc.)

Middle-Grade Precious Metals Reclaim
(Example: Crucibles and E-beam crucible liners containing melted slugs of pure metal, etc.)

Low-Grade Precious Metals Reclaim
(Example: Alloy targets or slugs, evaporation boats coated with gold, etc.)

Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) Corporation is a worldwide supplier of various metals, alloys, oxides, advanced ceramic materials, etc. It was first established in 1994 to begin supplying high-quality rare-earth products to our customers in the research and development fields.